Saad Lukwago



Saad Lukwago, born in 1981 in Kampala, studied Art and Design at Kyambogo University and graduated in 2004.

His love for merging art forms to create special things that people can relate to through experimentation gave birth to FEK FEK ART, his artistic collaboration with fellow artist Jude Kasagga. It is a name for a certain style which he describes as borrowing elements of various artistic genres including graffiti, cartoon and print making.

A reoccurring element in his paintings is the eye which he plays with for various moods and stories; it serves as an instrument of individualization.

Aside from teaching and practicing art, Saad has also worked on radio shows as music manager and presenter in the past. With art still being his focus, he sometimes tries to connect his interests, for example in his current media project: a TV show about art.

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