Mehari Teshome


My name is Mehari Teshome. I was born in Addis Abab 1983 .I believe my life should not be devoted to drawing up but a way of expressing a very particular voice as freelance artist.

Painting is the eye of in which I can interpret nature in myself.  In exception of man made things, all my artistic findings are from nature.

The world that deeply fascinated me is constructed with the interpretation of nature as well as the thinking world in which human beings are confined.  I strive to put and explain my customary perspective thought and action in the term of color with unrhtymed rhythm.  I explained the trend of rejecting the identity that stand firm and strong in its own through conception, just like me myself with flexible and felly fluid flow-like lines.  It is the way to express tension in such a form.

Differently from that, I explain the thought which is out of my personality but as observer’s perspective which different expression and concept as non-conceived fetus.

In the parts of society in which I am living, it is the parts of society in which I am living, it in the parts of society in which I am living.  I always observe the economic dependence of women.  I see the life of women miserable.  Thus I put in my canvas as dreadful, shocking shape and from, stagnant life with dead time.  I tried to convert this thought and observation using wire and other materials that can express the feeling in the way it touches me.

Sometimes I pot myself relieving from my pain with the expression and game in the reality of colors in my painting.  In the culture where everything is shared nasty the happenings of offences change the existing shape and form.  This concept fascinates me, because it gives me the interpretation of life and nature in every one’s mind and personality.

In other conditions, it makes me to use colors talk about and make life colorful and enjoyable with the presence of light.  I identify the deepest and difference of colors in my family and society and bring the abstract life into shape and visibility.

What I want in my work is to see the thought of my mind into shape and lines.  That is because every shape is shape, and though thought is imaginative nature, it is objective from and shape as it is translated with my brush.

In each and every flowing line, the picture I need is the taste of my world in which I am living because human being is perspetuated with spiritual system which is beyond their imagination and understanding in simple terms, through sperm.  I make my lines to have similarity with the flow of this jelly to have some power of expression and artistic excellence.

In general terms, I always express the natural reality in different ways and to work on objective ideas with which I am comfortable.

Exhibition experience

-2014 Netsa art village (group)

-2014 Monark hotel (group)

-2014 Radisson blue hotel (group)

-2014 Guramayle art center (group)

-2012 Desalegn hotel (group)

-2011 gojo art gallery (group)

-2010 workshop (UNCF) climate change

-2009 ECA and UNESCO addis abeba (group)

-2008 Lucy gallery (group)

-2008 addis ababa fine art school gallery (group)

-2008 Dabran gallery (group)

-2008 Lucy gallery (group)

-2008 Ethiopia national theater gallery (group )

-2007 Hilton Ethiopia addis abeba (group)


2014 3rd Adwa Festival / Zekre Adwa

-2014 live painting performance by artist on the street arat killo to piazza

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