About Us

The name Amara has various meanings. We choose to go by eternal or unfading.

African art has been in existence for centuries. From Rock art to the more contemporary digital art, there are undeniable thought evoking and emotion provoking elements in the simplicity of communication from the array of both complex and seemingly effortless styles and techniques. Through the ages African culture has influenced different forms of art and culture all over the globe. Unfortunately, most of it has not been documented.

Amara’s dream is to present this amazing culture of Africa to the rest of the world through art, to preserve whatever we can find as our heritage for future generations…to put it out there for everyone to enjoy it and live it, because if you have lived in Africa you know that once you interact with African culture it changes you…it never leaves you.

Amara aspires to achieve this by showcasing the work of amazing artists from various countries. In Swahili we have a saying that goes… “Msanii ni kioo cha jamii” which when translated loosely means “an artist is the mirror of a society”. We endeavor to capture the dynamics of our culture and also use various means to appreciate the work of these artists with the hope that they will be known to the world and even to future generations right here at home.

We invite you to be a part of this colourful journey.